Thursday, April 14, 2011

Road Trip!!!!

We recently got to take a trip up to see family in Ohio...let's just say whoever invented the portable DVD player should be a SAINT!

We decided that it would be better to drive at night, so the monkeys would sleep.  They did pretty good!  Brianna developed a new phrase regarding being in her car seat--"I'm stuck!"  But she was soon fast asleep in her comfy pjs.  How she slept like that for 3 hours, I have no clue, but at least she was quiet!  Through the 18 LONG hours it took us to get there, we heard our share of the delightful sounds of whining, mixed with "the bunny, the bunny, oo I love the bunny" (Veggietales), "I have a dream, I have a dream" (Tangled), and some song from The Winnie the Pooh musical that I learned to ignore.  I'm getting good at that!

We made it to Medina Ohio early in the morning and were greeted with...snow!  Something this little monkey from Florida had never seen before.  Needless to say that morning, she was not impressed.  She just wanted to get un-stuck.

I love family, and it was awesome to see some Caleb's family.  We stayed with his brother and sister-in-law, Josh and Mary.  They have two kids, Joshua Jr., 3-almost-4, and Kian, 3-almost-4 months.  Brianna and Joshua hit it off right away, and got into LOTS of trouble and had a ton of fun while we were there.

The kids had a blast with Uncle Josh, and his inner kid came out to play.

Carter and Kian had lots to talk about...  
                   Joshua is a handsome little guy!

On Monday, we went to Findlay to see Grandma Bowman, and Grandpa and Uncle Craig.  It was good to see these awesome people...if you only could meet Craig, he is a riot!  

Brianna had a great time too...he makes a comfy place to take a nap!

Tuesday, before we left, we went out with Josh, Mary, and the kids for some burgers...and boy, were they burgers!
Kian and Carter weren't too impressed though. They slept the whole time.

All in all, we had a great trip, and I am SO glad to be back again...I love family, and I can't wait to see them all again!  In June, the whole Bowman clan will be together in Tennessee...I'm sure there will be TONS of interesting posts about that trip!

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