Mommy Lists

This is going to be a page of items that moms have submitted to me as part of their must have/don't needs.  Things that are out there on the market that we can/cannot live without.

Here is the start of my list!

Must haves:  1. Boppy  2. Diaper pail (I use the Munchkin brand one and LOVE it) 3. Piddle pad

Bought but never used: 1. Monitors (now if you are far from the room that's a different story) 2. Bottle warmer (mainly a car one...took waaay too long to heat!)

Gail A says, "Baby mittens...keeps your newborn from scratching their little face!!" and "
burp cloths!!! can never have too many!!!"

Victoria P. says, "I would say my must haves: 1. Boppy, with two covers, that way you don't have to worry about waiting for the soiled one to wash. I used my boppy until my son weaned. I plan to invest in the travel one to keep in the car. Car feedings without the boppy were tough. And it made for easy tummy time 2. Although its not a product, a lactation consultant: I called on them several times while nursing, they were always encouraging and helpful, and one of the main reasons I was successful in nursing. 3. Sleep sack: so much easier than having to worry about doing the burrito with the blanket. Things I purchased but didn't use: 1. Agree on the monitors. 2. Diaper pail: I hated changing the bags and I always forgot to get new bags. After a few months we just used publix/walmart bags and took them to the trash daily or immediately depending on the diaper."

Kristen S. says, "must have boppy; must have dr brown bottles and formula pitcher. A wedge for under the mattress to aide in sleeping and not choking; swaddler blankets; NEED baby gates that 1. expand to odd shapes and sizes and 2. that have swing door like opening"

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