Mommy Tips

Ok, I am no expert whatsoever when it comes to being a mommy, but I thought I would share some things that I have come across that might be of a help!  Feel free to add your own in the comments, and I will add them here as well!

1. Baby's gross.  It's yellow.  It stains like nothing other...WHAT DO I DO?!?  Get the item wet, and hang it in the sun.  Seriously.  My son KILLED a white onesie with the nasty stuff, and I did just that, and it was gone!

2. Ink pen on a leather chair.  MAGIC ERASER!  And elbow grease.  It works!

3. This  from my cousin Rachael: Shaving cream gets nail polish out of carpet...spray shaving cream on the carpet, rub it in with your fingers, and then wipe it up with a paper towel. Takes a few applications, but it works. :) I've never tried it on dry polish, but I assume if it doesn't work dry, you could wet the nail polish with some remover first...but nail polish remover won't get the polish out of the carpet, it will only spread the stain.

4. Another baby poop remedy...Fels friend Ashley told me about it, and yeah, it's amazing.  Just scrub a little in, I used a toothbrush, and voila! the stains are gone!