Thursday, August 7, 2014

Things a SAHM Needs

     Stay at home moms (SAHM).  They are the envy of most working moms, am I right?  I remember when I worked.  All I wanted to do it see my kids grow up, watch all of their "firsts", and basically just play all day long with them.  Now that I have the privilege to do that, I wouldn't trade it for the WORLD!  But sometimes, there are things about being a working mom that I miss.  I miss adult conversation;  I miss the chance to lock myself in the bathroom stall and "go potty" by myself. 

I was really thinking this morning, while attempting to tune out the whining of my threenager (a new term that I LOVE), that sometimes there are things that SAHMs need that people don't really think about doing.  PLEASE, please do not read this as a complaining post.  It is NOT intended at all to be that.  This is just me writing my crazy jumbled thoughts down.  I applaud all working moms, because I know where you are too.  You need these things too, maybe even more so. 

     We need help.  We need help, and we don't like to ask for it.  See, SAHMs are supposed to be super heroes (and I know I RARELY feel like a super hero), but truth is, there are so many days when I imagine what it would be like to have someone entertain my children while I do some dishes, or fold some laundry.  I KNOW that I can do those things WITHOUT help, but the thought is nice!

     We need time away.  I know that most SAHMs get that, but it is becoming SERIOUSLY hard to try and get away, because as much as I LOVE my three munchkins, they are a HUGE handful.  Yes, we have family in the area, and yes, they help, but I wonder if they DREAD hearing the phone ring with me asking AGAIN if they can watch the kids.  I love them for always being willing, but I know my children.  And they are exhausting.

     We need a hug.  A non-sticky, understanding, you're-doing-a-great-job hug.  We get hugs from our kiddos all day, and we LOVE that.  But having someone else just walk up to you and give you an encouraging hug just means the WORLD!  WARNING: we may cry.

     We need affirmation.  As mentioned above, we like to know that we are doing a good job.  Its good to hear, and does WONDERS to lift spirits!  When I see mommas in the store struggling with children, I try (when I'm not chasing down my own kiddos) and smile and tell them they are doing a good job.  Being a SAHM is a thankless job.  Yes, it is rewarding, but many times that affirmation gives that mom all that she needs to make it through another day.  

     We need prayer.  I know that I struggle ALL THE TIME with feelings of doubt, lack of strength, and just plain exhaustion.  But I believe in the power of prayer, and knowing someone is praying for you gives unbelievable reassurance, strength, and hope. 

     So next time you see that mom int he grocery store, trying to get what she needs with two kids running around the cart and another one in the cart crying (oh wait, it's probably me).  Say a prayer for her.  Tell her she is doing a great job.  And watch her face light up and her shoulders straighten. 

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