Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's a BUSY life!

I guess it might be getting old to many times have you been a part of this conversation?

"Hey, how are you?"
"Busy!  I feel like I just go, go, go!"

Well, I have been go, go, going for days upon days!  We had our first "event" with the business on Tuesday.  It was great!  Granted, we didn't sell anything, but got great contacts!  We are praying soo hard for this business to take off!  Check out our website sometime, Emerald Coast Boutique.  Share with your friends!

Ok, enough promoting.  Here's what else has been going on.

My children never stop moving!  They are the cutest things on the planet, but boy, do they get into trouble!  Carter is moving more than ever, and he is going to be cruising around the house in no time!  And we discovered he loves crayons.  To him, they taste great!  For me, they are a mess.  If only the crazy little 3 year old would keep them picked up!  He is up to four teeth, and to be honest, I sure hope there are teeth in between the ones he has in the top, because there is a HUGE gap!  He looks like he already lost his two front teeth!

Brianna is learning more than ever at school!  It is amazing what she learns every day!  She can recognize the letters A-D and what they sound like too!  She knows many Bible verses, which to me, is amazing!  I love hearing how she is hiding God's Word in her heart!

She loves her brother with all her heart, and loves helping mommy with him too!  She is "counting down" the days until her birthday, when she's having a princess tea party!  There will for sure be a post on that one!

So for now, here is my word of advice!  Take life as it comes, and don't miss the little moments that make life worth remembering!  These days won't last forever!

Until next time (who knows when that will be),