Monday, October 28, 2013

Why I don't celebrate Halloween...but still want my family to have fun!

     As a Christian, I do not believe in celebrating Halloween in the modern sense of the word.  To me the original concept of "All Hallow's Eve" is nice...remembering people who are dear to you.  I don't think that the ghosts, goblins and witches of today's time need to be celebrated, especially by a Christian.  We are trying to teach our children that we can have fun but not celebrate this "holiday" (which means holy day so I don't like to call this a holiday).
     That being said, I completely believe in spending time with your family doing fun, wholesome activities.  I believe there is nothing wrong with letting your children dresa up, express their creativity and imaginations, and go bounce in a bouncy house and get high on sugar! We don't go "trick or treating" house to paranoid mommy brain just doesn't feel comfortable asking strangers for things my kids will eat.  But we do find a local church and join in their activities after visiting grandparents to show off our cute kids.  I mean look at this adorable little fairy!

     I understand if people don't feel like this is something that they want their family to particiapte in.  But if I want to take my children and have a family fun time with them (which doesn't happen near as much as it should! ) then leave me alone and let me do it!  I commend churches who plan activities for Halloween night!  It provides a safe environment for children to have an alternative to going door to door.  And who knows...maybe the Gospel will reach someone who might not otherwise step foot in a church setting.  
     I think the thing that gets me the most is Christians nowadays are so busy pushing their beliefs about what they think is right or wrong onto other Christians,  instead of focusing on getting our beliefs into a lost and dying world!  We all have our don't wear pants, I don't listen to praise music...I go to church on Sunday night...I go to small group and fellowship and learn with fellow believers.  Does that make me a "bad Christian"?  Does it make you a "good Christian"?  Nope.  
     Halloween will always be around.  It will always be a part of our culture (just drive in my parent's neighborhood or walk into Walmart!) Yes there are many evil things that are connected to Halloween...but just because you don a costume and have some fun does not mean that you embrace every aspect of Halloween.   And that doesn't mean we have to look down on people who choose to have family fun!  Maybe they are right, maybe they are wrong.  But its not our place to judge or look down on others for it.  Instead of focusing on how other people choose to have their fun, smile at their cute kids in their adorable costumes,  and shut your lights off and turn your doorbell off and have family fun your own way!

     Its just a matter of perspective.