Tuesday, November 8, 2016

My Fellow Christian

Dear Fellow Christians,

I feel that this needs to be said, and I feel it needs to be said BEFORE election results are in tonight. Be aware November 9th.

Be aware of your speech to those around you after hearing the results of the election.
If they are not what you wanted, be aware of the hurt you might inflict on those who do not agree with you.  Be aware of the damage your words may have to your relationships.  Do not place blame on people who did not follow the path you followed.    Words you may say to others may damage more than relationships, it may damage your testimony.  God is sovereign above all.  His plan is higher than ours.  Be kind. Show love.

If the results ARE what you wanted, be aware of gloating and saying "I was right, you were not".  The people who may have voted differently from how you voted are proud of their stand.  Even if they did not win, it was THEIR opinion, and that should never be shot down.  God is sovereign above all.  His plan is higher than ours. Be kind.  Show love.

Always remember that through it all, you should be pointing to ONE--Jesus Christ.  He cares more about your love for others and your testimony of Him than any election.  Be aware of how your words could cause someone to turn away from the Gospel.  God is sovereign above all.  His plan is higher than ours.  Be kind. Show love.

God used many wicked people to cause His plan to go into motion.  This election is no different.  He can use ANYONE.  He can use a liar, a murderer, an adulterer, a thief, an individual with no regard to life, a person with "no filter".  He can use a saint, a sinner, a Christian, or an atheist.  Do not underestimate His power.

God is sovereign above all.  His plan is higher than ours.  Be kind. Show love.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Rant Time!

     Forgive me for a minute, while I take an opportunity to rant a little :)  I don't have Facebook anymore (for the reasons I am discussing today), so I will take the opportunity to use my blog to share my thoughts (because freedom of speech and all, have to use it while I still have it).

     THIS. ELECTION.  Oh my.  Never would I have thought that something like an election would bring out the worst in people!  Scrolling through Facebook (yeah, so I look at my husband's from time to time), and seeing the absolute RUDENESS that people post is just baffling to me!  Especially from Christians! Things like "if you vote third party, I want to thank you for ruining our country", or "it's so annoying to hear the third party people say they are going to change everything", or "a vote for third party is a vote for Hillary" (which, by the way, a vote for anyone other than Hillary is a vote for Trump if you didn't know that).  Things like "your vote doesn't count" or "you might as well not vote if you aren't voting for Trump".  This all coming from people who were anti-Trump in the primaries!  This coming from one Christian to another!

   But listen, this "rant" isn't about who to vote for.  Honestly, if you feel led to vote for Trump (or Hillary!), then by all means, vote for them!  That is what America is all about!  It's YOUR vote.  And my vote is MY vote.  Stop shaming people for not having the same candidate as you.  Because let's face it, November 8 is going to come and go, and GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE.  God's will is God's will.  If Hillary wins, its God's will.  If Trump wins, its God's will.  If a third party comes in and sends the election to the House, it's God's will!  GOD IS SOVEREIGN.  And I don't think that God is too impressed with the way His children are acting right now.

     It is amazing to me to see all the bickering and fighting that goes on between believers in an issue like this.  I am a Christian first, then an American.  That doesn't mean I don't care for my country.  I deeply care about my country.  But if I don't feel peace about voting for a certain candidate, who are you to tell me I am wrong?  Who are you to judge me for my choices?  Last time I checked, we live in a free country.  Which means we have the freedom to choose who we want.  It doesn't matter to me at all that my chosen candidate won't win.  It matters to me that I exercise my right to vote for who I feel best matches up with my beliefs.  A vote for a different candidate is NOT a vote for someone else.  It is a vote for that candidate.  And when America realizes that, THAT is when we will see change.

     But again, straying from my point.  My point: STOP SHAMING OTHER CHRISTIANS FOR THEIR VOTING CHOICE.  Just stop.  Promote your candidate, fine.  But stop telling others they are wrong for their choices.  You have no idea why they chose the person they chose, and how they came to that decision.  Show the love of Christ.  I shudder to think of what would happen for the Kingdom if an unsaved person sees the mudslinging that goes on between brothers and sisters in Christ.  Are we showing them that it is amazing to be a Christian?  Or are we showing them that it is amazing to be a Christian ONLY if you believe the same way I do?  How can we be salt and light if we are constantly bickering like schoolchildren?  How can we be an example of Christ when we are attacking our own brother?

     Speak life.  Speak love. Speak Christ.  And pray for America.  Pray that God will work in whoever is put at the head of this country.

     Rant over.