Friday, May 13, 2011

Obedience is the very best way...

That little song, learned many years ago, had come to haunt me!  LOL  My 2 year old is starting to really learn the lessons of obedience these days.  She is learning that when mommy says to do something, she means the first time...something we should take to heart as well!  How many times have we heard God say to do something, only for us to answer "later, God".  I know I have said that, sometimes in simple things as maybe listening to a prompting to pray for someone.  But then it hits me, that person needs it NOW...and that's when I realize that true obedience is immediate obedience.  I get VERY frustrated with my darling daughter when she does not obey right away, so I can only imagine how my Heavenly Father must feel when I don't obey right away.  I challenge you all, listen to God, and obey the first time.  It could make a huge difference in someone else's (or yours) life!

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