Wednesday, April 18, 2012

God Will Take Care of You

Oh dear,  has it been a crazy month!  Between all of us being sick, busy, and just plain crazy things happening, I am WORN OUT!

Here is just one example of how God took care of us this past week.  Last Wednesday, I got a message on FB from my dad that Caleb had been in an accident (my phone was in the car :/ uh oh).  He was ok, but the car was pretty messed up.  And the horrifying part (in my eyes) was that he hit our neighbor!  Lol! The next day, the insurance adjuster totaled the car.  We prayed that we would get a good amount to get a replacement, and boy, did God deliver!  We paid $3,20 for the car, and we ended up getting $4,300 for it!  Wow God!
     Saturday, we went car shopping.  Caleb had found a car on Craigslist, and we were going to look at it.  Well, we drive up, and I immediately had a peace about it!  It is the same car he had before, only a year newer, and it is automatic (which means I can drive it!)  Another blessing from God: it was only $2,500!
     Believe me, every bad thought was running through my mind that Wednesday--we are going to have another car payment...there goes our emergency fund (which is what it is for, but still!)...our insurance is going to go through the roof...and on and on it went in my mind.  I had to force myself to stop, and just trust God.  And what did He do?  Provide above and beyond what I expected!  Praise His name!   Lesson learned, Lord!

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