Tuesday, November 20, 2012

You are what you...play with?

A thought occurred to me this morning as I was picking up my daughter's toys.  We as parents (at least in the early years) determine what our children are "in to"...what kinds of toys they play with, what kind of shows they watch, etc.  It is MY fault my 21 month old son is addicted to Super Why (which is not a bad thing to like in my opinion), and why my now four-year-old loves Pillow Pets and Dream Lights.  I'M the one who turns the show on for him, and I'm the one who lets her watch those commercials OVER AND OVER AGAIN.  So we wonder as parents, when our children act like spoiled little Bratz (yes, that was on purpose) and go around acting like hooligans...we wonder why our children start dressing the way they do, and acting the way they do...and it all comes back to us.  So that made me really think hard about what I let my kids watch and play with...and let's just say changes are coming!  Just a thought to make you think!  They say You are what you eat...but you are also what you surround yourself with each and every day, sometimes without thinking! 

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